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From Our Ranch To Your Table

Our beef cattle are raised on our ranch, which has been in the family for over 100 years. We run as a traditional ranching outfit where we do as much as possible horseback and where low-stress cattle handling is a high priority. We also continuously explore regenerative practices to incorporate sustainability into our ranch. 


We are proud to share home-raised beef with our community. Our cattle is grass fed for most of its life on open pastures and then finished on grain 30-60 days before butchering. This makes the meat tender, well marbled and gives it a mild flavour which many people prefer. Grass-fed beef is available as well upon request. 


Our beef is butchered, cut and wrapped by Tofield Packers, a government inspected and licensed facility.  We sell whole, ½ beef or ¼ beef. Your side will be custom cut to your specifications. You choose how much of your beef you would like in steaks, roast, ground etc and how you would like it to be packaged. Price is based on hanging weight plus cut/wrap. Please contact us for current prices and next availability. 

We have ground beef available year round.

1 lbs packages at $6.50/lbs. 



--"This latest beef is unbelievable-sooo good! Thank you so much for growing excellent beef!"--

--"Great beef thumbs up for the quality!"--

--"The meat is awesome!"--

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